Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A word from the blog site owner:

In blogosphere terms this is a relatively old blog. All the fireworks are over and there will be no new updates unless something 'newsworthy' about this issue comes up. 

The material is good historically as just about everything I could find on the issue was copied and posted here. So if you are interested in the topic it is all awaiting your review.

Note:  In mid-Jan 2013 I sold my condo at NCC for $93,000, this was about 8% over the going rate for 3/2 condos.  The offer from the developer to repurchase the unit was made 2 weeks after my filing to run for the Board of Directors with the sole platform of bouncing Concord Management out of NCC.

The condo was consistantly mis-managed and all but the very last Board were worthless rubber stamps for the Developer and Concord.  I am pleased to be gone from NCC.

So happy reading folks -

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