Saturday, January 1, 2011

These are some of the reasons that Concord Management needs to be replaced:
1)  Provided incorrect information on when Turnover Election should be held, (off by 5 months)

2)  Commingling Condo and Developer Funds,

3)  In conjunction with the BOD, scheduling a Turnover Election 52 days before the AGM when both could easily have been combined,

4)  Spending Association time renting out developer condos,

5)  Leaving Condo with no CAM for 4 1/2 months when old CAM was fired,

6)  Taking 1 year to purchase new pool chairs and tables,

7)  Very slow in gate and camera system repairs, 2 motorcycles stolen because of this, (& we got sued for this)

8)  Not enforcing Rules and Regulations as to rental standards, (again sued for this - still in the courts)

9)  Allowing Owners and Renters to continue to use personal barbeque grills in violation of condo regulations,

10)  Very slow in getting maintanence done at condo, (poor staffing for maintanence, sharing maintanence with Stone Harbor development - also managed by Concord)

11)  Office not responsive to Owners complaints, even tenants complain of lack of service and shoddy work when they did get something fixed,

12)  Taking up to 10 months to create minutes of AGMs,

13)  Refusing to provide information as to why a 4/16/08 'Emergency' 2 minute BOD meeting was necessary when Concord departed briefly and Seagrove Management came back,

14)  Historically very tardy in filing liens for past due owners, (more recently this has changed for the better)

15)  Setting up a Compliance/Fining Committee of 3 people when 2 were not eligible to serve (1 was not an owner another was a BOD member)

Do you want a new Management firm at Nautilus Cove?

A comprehensive management proposal was sent to the Owner members of the Nautilus Cove Condo BOD by an international management firm with regional representation in the panhandle.  This firm currently represents the Westwinds on the Sandestin Resort, Majestic Sun, Destin, The Grand Sandestin, Ariel Dunes and Ariel Dunes II, Destin.

The 24 page proposal covers all aspects of representation including costs.  If  you are an interested Owner I would be pleased to provide you a copy of this document via email.  Please note that this information would only be provided to verifiable Owners at NCC.  

My previous inquiries have indicated that the recently signed 3 year sweetheart contract with Concord Management could be undone in several ways.